Ariete Multifunction Metal Hand Blender 898/1

150 $

4 Blades Multi Preparation 7 in 1

Brand Ariete
Type Hand Blender
Model Number 898/1
Power 1000 W
Material Stainless Style


Multifunction hand blender, with accessories to perform 7 important functions in the kitchen: blending, whipping, mashing potatoes, mincing, grating, cutting and slicing. 2 L food processor is a super ally to prepare many recipes.

  • 4 Blades Multiprep 7in1 is a hand blender but not only. It is the perfect ally for your kitchen, a 2-liter food processor complete with accessories to perform many functions:
  • Immersion pimer: 4 stainless steel blades and stem that guarantee and maintain impeccable performance over time, to prepare your recipes;
  • 500 ml chopper: also for crushing ice and preparing tasty smoothies and fresh slushes;
  • Whisk accessory: whip your ingredients to obtain creams and whipped cream;
  • Potato crusher: ideal for those who love homemade mashed potatoes;
  • Disc for grating and cutting into julienne strips: cut your vegetables into strips with a julienne cut;
  • Slicing disc: for perfectly slicing vegetables.
  • With 4 Blades Multiprep 7in1 you get the preparations you want in a simple, practical and fast way.
      • 4 stainless steel blades
      • Stem in stainless steel
      • Speed 10 + Turbo
      • Ergonomic handle
      • Glass 700 ml
      • Chopper 500 ml
      • Food processor 2 L
      • Product weight 2.50 Kg
      • Functions: mince, blend, mince, grater, mash potatoes, whip, slice and julienne


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Product Type

Hand Blender

Model Number



1000 W

Ariete Multifunction Metal Hand Blender 898/1 150 $