Bellissima Straightener My Pro, 2 In 1 Straight & Beach Waves, 210°c

99 $


Bellissima My Pro Beach Waves GT20 400 is the styler that makes waves. Glossy soft or tight waves with a few simple strokes. With a click, rotate the double iron of the styler and change your hairstyle. Choose the soft wave version for an ultra-natural glam look. Use the tight wave iron if you prefer a more defined, super-elegant look. The Bellissima My Pro Beach Waves GT20 300 styler is the only one that creates a long-lasting hairstyle. Day by day, your hair will have an increasingly natural, wavy look. Featuring three temperature settings (from 160°C to 200°C) it is suitable for all types of hair, from medium-short to long. With My Pro Beach Waves GT20 400 your hair is protected from stress and damage. The ceramic coating on the plates distributes the heat evenly. Convenient and easy to handle, it comes with a support base making it easy and quick to use wherever you want. A practical thermal case that can also be used as a stand is included in the box. 1. Before using Beach Waves, dry your hair well from root to tip and detangle. 2. If your hair is very wavy or curly, brush or comb well before styling. This will ensure better-defined, more regular waves. 3. The longer you leave the styler on the hair, the more defined the waves. Just 5 seconds for a perfect result. For unruly or thick hair, 8 seconds do the trick. 4. Sleep on your waves, for an even more natural look! 5. The straightener does not work by gliding along the hair. For an even result, work along the strand, pressing each section as you go. 6. Divide your hair into two sections. then into strands of about 5 cm. 7. Style the strands one section at a time. 8. Press down lightly on the two ends
Bellissima Straightener My Pro, 2 In 1 Straight & Beach Waves, 210°c 99 $