750 $

Dorado Charcoal BBQ


.2-piece cast-iron cooking grill. Measures 56 x 42cm. Cooking on cast-iron has many benefits; the grills are more durable, cook faster, retain heat longer & distribute it more evenly. All round, a better grilling experience.
.The double-skinned lid helps retain heat during cooking, which is especially useful when cooking indirectly (i.e. not directly over the charcoal.) It has a built-in thermometer so you know when you’re at the perfect temperature to get grilling.
.Adjustable ventilation discs allow you to increase or reduce the airflow in the BBQ to raise or lower the temperature while cooking.
.A chrome-plated steel warming rack (measuring 54 x 24cm) keeps cooked food warm before eating.
.The BBQ has a perforated, height-adjustable charcoal pan – to help the air circulate. This means you can raise or lower the charcoal when cooking, giving greater flexibility & allowing for different types, e.g. fast searing of steaks or slower cooking of meats.
.The BBQ has a separate firebowl door. This means you can top up the charcoal without disturbing food whilst it cooks on the grill.
.The BBQ is made from tough, durable, powder-coated steel & has a removable ash catcher to stop hot ash from falling out of the bottom.
.Underneath the BBQ is a bottom wire shelf that you can use to store items such as charcoal, charcoal starters, utensils etc. On either side of the BBQ are convenient folding side shelves. These can be lowered to make storage easier & raised when in use. They are ideal for preparing food, holding utensils, condiments or food to be grilled.
.The BBQ is mounted on a trolley, meaning you can easily move it around a garden or patio. The two wheels & two legs make it stable but easily transportable.
.Suitable for up to 10 people.
.Dimensions: W108 x H133 x D61cm.
.Recommended cover: Premium BBQ Cover Small (80CM)
.Made in Germany
LANDMANN BBQ 2910 750 $