1.250 $

Fryton Cook 4.1 Gas BBQ + 3.5L Air Fryer


.The Fryton 4.1 cooK BBQ with its integrated 3.5L hot air fryer is perfect for grilling, hot air frying & general cooking.
.Recessed built-in 3kW side burner – ideal for preparing side dishes, sauces etc. directly on the grill.
.With a total output of 12kW, our Fryton cooK 4.1 BBQ’s different cooking zones make direct and indirect grilling a piece of cake.
.Specially designed for use with accessories such as the modulus wok, pizza stone or grill plate – or as a grill surface as and when you need – cooking space: 65 x 44cm.
.DIMENSIONS: W142 x H121 x D56cm.
.RECOMMENDED COVER: “Premium BBQ Cover X Large(145*120*60CM).
LANDMANN BBQ 6601 1.250 $